My Best Year So Far

I look back with a lot of gratitude in 2018. A year where my online business grew like crazy! I even can do this for a living now! Wow! I love to teach others how to do things and now I can do this for a living it makes me so happy!

It is also a joy for my wife since she does not have to work anymore. She can take care of our amazing son Noah. He is 19 months old at this moment of writing. He starts to say sentences and is testing us. We love him so much!

What I expect from 2020

I always love to have a new start. Every 1st of the month I say to my wife: “Guess what honey: Today is a new start!” And that motivates me to be productive and have fun along the way. And with a new year, I am even more excited!

How Many Days You Have Left To Shine in 2020